The Story of Maduranese Batik (Part 2)

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Batik from Pamekasan Regency  

Batik Pamekasan is unique and legendary. Klampar village in the district of Propo Pamekasan has become the central village of batik. Batik Pamekasan uniqueness lies in its color, which is mostly bright red in a floral or leaf. This classic color has become trends of legendary Batik Pamekasan. In its development, some have started to follow the market trend that has led to the most contemporary styles.

The business activities of batik Pamekasan partly managed by Arab businessmen who have been living in Pamekasan for years. The decoration Batik Pamekasan tends to follow the market demand and tastes, especially the local market. Flora and fauna remain dominant as the main decoration. Artificial dyes are widely used as a dye, so that the color of Batik Pamekasan looks multicolored batik.


Batik Pamekasan

Batik from Sumenep Regency

Batik Sumenep is one of the cultural heritages of Sumenep Palace. It’s almost the same as Batik Madura in general. However, things that make different from others besides the coloring which tends to be calm and soft are it has a unique motif. At glance it equals to the color of batik from Solo and Yogyakarta.

Batik Sumenep centers located at Pakandangan, Bluto, about 16 km to the south of downtown Sumenep.

Batik Sumenep has a characteristic motif of chicken and red color that becomes the characteristic of Batik Madura in general. As for the dye material consists of two kinds, namely: synthesis Coloring Agents or chemical and natural dyes such as mahoni acacia, leaves of teak and others.


Batik Sumenep

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